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Lost Soul Aside

Impressive One-Man Project ‘Lost Soul Aside’ Will Be a Timed Exclusive for PS4

Designed and created by one man, Lost Soul Aside is an indie project built in Unreal Engine 4. Bing Yang, the man behind the game, started tweeting screenshots and talking…

Screenshot 2015 08 27 09.08.53

Mad Max Has PS4 Exclusive Hood Ornaments

Mad Max‘s release is only a few days away, but the folks over at Avalanche Studios and Warner Brothers have revealed groundbreaking news today about the game’s release. Well, groundbreaking…

rise of the tomb raider

Microsoft Will Publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

Aaron Greenberg, a marketing manager for Xbox, has revealed on twitter that Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider. When asked by a fan asked who the publisher would…