Thief II: The Metal Age Articles

dark narrative alien among monsters featured image

Dark Narrative: Alien Among Monsters

At its heart my Dark Narrative series is a celebration of Thief’s uniqueness. I write with the conviction that this game series, especially the Looking Glass originals, are matchless. This…

dark narrative a seminary and a crypt featured image

Dark Narrative: A Seminary and a Crypt

Thief fans can puzzle over which of the original titles is better: Thief: The Dark Project or Thief II: The Metal Age. One quandary is each game’s atmosphere: TDP‘s got a darker, more surreal…

thief 2 shipping...and receiving briefing screen capture

Dark Narrative: Shipping…and Receiving

Sometimes you pick up on stories you never intended to. A trip to the mall reveals a family’s financial troubles or a store manager’s unscrupulous practices if you listen in,…