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The Technomancer Review – The Average Experience

Criticism, by its very nature, is often the most impactful when dealing with extremes. Terrible games become gutted with a sense of glee, and many critics thrive on dishing out…

E3 2016 General Preview Image

Pre-E3 2016 Roundup 6/10 – So many trailers!

Another day and another chance for every game development company, publisher, and industry source to let slip a bit more of a hint as to what we will see coming…

Technomancer Screen 1

Spiders Reveals The Technomancer Due Out June 21st

French developer Spiders Studio has revealed more information on their upcoming action-rpg The Technomancer on the Playstation blog.  The Technomancer is a cyberpunk-styled world set on Mars, where the player will fill…

The Technomancer

Gamescom 2015 – The Technomancer gets a new trailer

Spiders games have just unveiled a trailer for their next game, an RPG called The Technomancer. In this game you play as Zachariah, a man on Mars who it doing all that…