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Square Enix’s Weird FMV/Brawler Hybrid The Quiet Man Releasing November 1

Square Enix and Human Head Studio’s weird FMV/Brawler game The Quiet Man launches digitally November 1st on PlayStation 4 and Steam for $14.99. Players take the role of deaf protagonist…

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The Quiet Man

One of the weirder titles announced this past year was by Square Enix, with The Quiet Man. A mixture of brawler gameplay and full-motion video (FMV), The Quiet Man also promises a game…

the quiet man square enix e3 2018

Square Enix E3 2018: The Quiet Man

Square Enix’s The Quiet Man was a new title that we got to see very little about in terms of substance. A young man walked up on a trio of gangsters…