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[Updated] The Dead Linger Postpones Development, Q&A with Project Lead

In a blog post on November 12th project lead on The Dead Linger, Geoff Keene (check out our interview with him), announced that development will be “postponed indefinitely.” The Dead Linger, an…

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An Interview With Geoff Keene on The Dead Linger

Geoff Keene is the Design Director of The Dead Linger and founder of Sandswept Studios. The Dead Linger began development near the end of 2011 and has seen some major changes…

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[Updated]The Dead Linger: Early Access Woes Over Indie Zombie Sandbox

Ed note: Portions of this article have been removed/changed for as they included too much speculation and/or opinion. The Dead Linger started as a promising Kickstarter back in 2012, raising over $150,000.…