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Don’t Make Love

Indie developer Maggese presents to you Don’t Make Love, a short, highly replayable text adventure game about love, loss, morality and death. Assume the role of a praying mantis in…

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Don’t Make Love Review – Lamentations of Love and Loss

Relationships are a tricky thing. The dynamics that can make or break a close connection with those around us are often zero-sum games. Feelings such as companionship, desire, and ultimately…

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event[0]’s AI Wrote Itself A New Ending

Gaming is going through an era of procedural generation. Roguelites are all the rage with their computer generated characters, levels, and item placements, but there’s one crucial element that a roguelite or…

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Kult of Ktulu: Olympic Review – Ph’nglui Mglw’nafh D’ora T’t Exp’lora

Something is astir on the luxury White Star Line in Kult of Ktulu: Olympic; something distinctly eldritch and Lovecraftian. The game is a primarily text-based narrative that chronicles the journey of 13-year-old…

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Choice of the Deathless Review – The Best Kind of Nightmare

Are you tired of immaculately designed graphics engines presenting you with the newest levels of graphic fidelity? Would you rather use your *own* graphics engine, the most powerful engine of…