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The Sexy Brutale Coming to Switch on December 7

The Nintendo Switch is making a name for itself as a new home for indie games, and The Sexy Brutale is the newest big title to join the fray. The…

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RiME Review – Fair Flattery

There is nothing new under the sun, and video games are no exception to this proverbial truth. Titles boldly pioneer new mechanics or ideas yearly, but everyone is inspired in…


Quick Thoughts – RiME

RiME was announced at Gamescom 2013, and since then, it almost crashed and burned. In issue 305 of Edge Magazine, Tequila Works’ creative director Raul Rubio disclosed that the reception…

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The Sexy Brutale Review – Time and Time Again

All things considered, Groundhog Day‘s cranky Phil Connors had it easy. Sure, he was doomed to repeat the same annoying Groundhog Day again and again, but at least there were no…

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Deadlight: Director’s Cut Review – A Lot More Needed to be Cut

Deadlight was a 2.5D platformer that took some pretty obvious cues from Limbo but added zombies into the mix. It wasn’t a terrible game when it came out in 2012,…

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Gamestop Announces Publishing Label Gametrust

Gamestop recently entered the world of game publishing with the announcement of Insomniac’s Song of the Deep and now they have announced Gametrust, their publishing label. They first began work with Insomniac the developers…