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TechWeek 2015 Articles

Techweek Digitizing Dinosaurs

Techweek 2015 – Digitizing the educational experience

Museums have always been a long-standing part of showcasing history, science, and more. But as the world changes, and technology becomes so integrated with our daily lives, what can museums…

TechWeek 2015 The Cloud

Techweek 2015 – A Lot of Talk About the Cloud

Techweek 2015 in Chicago is a great place for people interested in Technology to meet and listen to talks by a number of experts in a wide range of fields.…

TechWeek 2015 Search Engine Optimization

Techweek 2015 – Optimizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While the majority of Techweek was focused around startups, the Cloud, mobile, and other technology, there was a talk given by Brent Payne from Loud Interactive that we just had…

TechWeek Chicago Mobile Advertising

Techweek 2015 – Advertising on Mobile is a Challenge

There were a number of great and informational talks about a wide variety of topics, and with the massive expansion of mobile over the last few years, there was naturally…