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The Hunt May 2015

The Hunt Remastered — May 2015: Dinosaur Party

In this return to the Hunt segment, things have been changed up a little bit. What you’ve known about the Hunt has been changed for hopefully the better.  The Hunt…


Technobabylon Review – Cybercity Adventures

Technobabylon is the newly released cyberpunk adventure by Technocrat Games (James Dearden, who we interviewed yesterday) and published by Wadjet Eye Games. Originally developed by Technocrat as a freeware, it…

indie interview james dearden

Indie Interview – James Dearden on Technobabylon

Technobabylon is the upcoming point and click adventure game that is going to be released tomorrow, May 21st, developed by Technocrat Games. It was originally started back in 2010 as…


Technobabylon coming Spring 2015

Prepare this Spring to take a step into a new time machine designed by Technocrat Games, and published by Wadjet Eye Games, that will take you to the year 2087.…


Technobabylon Fan Voices wanted

The upcoming adventure game Technobabylon, created by Technocrat Games, and to be published by Wadjet Eye Games, is looking for some community support. In an announcement put up last night,…