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Tales of Berseria Mystic Arts

New Characters; Mystic Artes for Tales of Berseria Revealed

Some new information for the upcoming RPG Tales of Berseria has been released. The information, coming from the Tales of Blog, showcases two new, non-playable characters and the Mystic Arts…

Tales of Berseria Screenshot

E3 2016 – Tales of Berseria Gameplay Trailers

Bandai-Namco was able to release some new information regarding the next title in the long-running Tales series, Tales of Berseria. Most of the information doesn’t go into particular story details,…

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Velvet’s Outfit Will Not Be Censored in Tales of Berseria

The upcoming JRPG Tales of Berseria has a rather racy costume for one of it’s female characters. After a string of JRPG costume censorship incidents in recent months Dualshockers Giuseppe Nelva saw fit…