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Doomtrooper Battle Art

Crowdfunding Spotlight – Doomtrooper

Doomtrooper is an old collectible card game that’s been out of print for some time. The game did pretty well for a card game that didn’t end in “Oh!” or…

Renegade Crowdfunding Spotlight

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Renegade

Renegade is a game by Victory Point Games for 1-4 players where you take on the role of one of the titular Renegades, hackers who are free from the control…

Cthulhu Wars A Sandy Peterson Game Wide

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3

Cthulhu Wars is the dream of many a Lovecraft nerd: select from one of several factions and battle it out with the other old gods. The original game earned nearly…

Chariots Of Rome KickStarter

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Chariots of Rome

Do you have SPQR tattooed on your arm? Do you watch Ben Hur twice a year? Are you fond of racing games with a bit of violence in them? Then Chariots of Rome by Victory…

Matryoshka Card Game

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Matryoshka

I’m half Russian, and one of the cuter bits of my cultural heritage is the matryoshka doll (also known as a Russian nesting doll). You might not know them by…

EXCEED Season 2 Boxes

Crowdfunding Spotlight: EXCEED Season 2

Dueling card games have been around for a while, and while Magic: The Gathering may still be king, an awful lot of competitors have entered the fray. EXCEED had a successful Kickstarter in September…