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T-Mobile Settles with FCC Over Misleading Plans

Today, the FCC announced that it had reached a settlement with T-Mobile concerning the company’s misleading “unlimited” data plans. Many customers who had unlimited data plans complained to the FCC…

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T-Mobile CEO Responds to Binge On Controversy

Previously we had reported on a controversy surrounding T-Mobile’s Binge On service. It throttles video streams to about 1.5 megabits per second. In theory it also reduces the video quality…

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T-Mobile’s Binge On Service Throttles Video and Calls it Optimization

Back in December, Slate reported on T-Mobile’s new Binge On service, and suggested that it may be in violation of the FCC’s net neutrality regulations. While Binge On is active,…


Apple SIM and Carrier Troubles

So Apple came up with a wonderful idea – let’s make an Apple SIM card that people can move from different carriers. Something to help consumer options, mobility and ease of…

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T-Mobile is now the best carrier for streaming

Just got this in the email. This is incredibly epic. “No matter how you see yourself—metal master or hip-hop hero, connoisseur of classical or princess of pop—T-Mobile’s network is designed…

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CES 2014 – Ad Leak shows T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0 will buy your out of plan

Just ahead of their CES Keynote today at 3:30 pm EST. An ad has leaked all but confirming the next evolution of T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 4.0 plan.

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CES 2014: Big Ones – T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere crashed AT&T’s CES party

Updated Editor’s Note 11/7/2017 – In an effort to further commit to our editorial vision of quality content about nothing but games or the industry, we are leaving this note…