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Sword Coast Legends Preview

N-Space is closing down

N-Space, a game development company originally founded in 1994 has sadly closed its door this past week. Over their lifetime they managed to work on a wide variety of platforms,…

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Sword Coast Legends Postponed to October 20

Indie developers n-Space and Digital Extremes announced the Dungeons & Dragons inspired Sword Coast Legends is going to have to wait a little long before it can be released. In a press…

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TechRaptor’s Sword Coast Legends Demo at PAX Prime

At PAX Prime 2015 I sat down with Sword Coast Legends Design Director Tim Schwalk and play the DM role of a short session of the game. The enormous amount…

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Sword Coast Legends will come out this year for all your D&D related necessities

There have been a number of videogames that spawned from the Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper role playing game series. Some of those left a mark in the videogame…