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Supreme Court Articles

Supreme Court Of Canada

Supreme Court Of Canada Allows Global Search Injunctions

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Canadian courts can apply judgements worldwide in certain situations. Ruling 7-2, the court found that under Canadian law, courts can “grand an…

Supreme Court Building

SCOTUS Rules Against Lexmark In Printer Ink Patent Lawsuit

The Supreme Court has ruled against Lexmark in a contentious case regarding where patent rights end. In a 7-1 decision, the court ruled that once an item has been sold,…

brown v ema cover 2

Brown v EMA: The Case for Video Games as Free Speech

Even today, arguments abound on the nature of video games as art, expression, and on the impact their content has on society and people. Since the earliest advent of video…

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Supreme Court Approves Rule Change to Broaden FBI Hacking

The Supreme Court has approved rule changes governing how federal courts handle criminal investigations. Judges were previously limited to authorizing searches within their own jurisdiction, usually just a few counties.…

Supreme Court of India

Supreme Court of India Rejects Internet Censorship

The Supreme Court of India has ruled that Section 66(A) of the Information Technology Act is unconstitutional. The ruling was based on the fact that the law was too vague…

NSA seal

Wikimedia Brings Suit Against NSA over Mass Surveillance

Wikimedia, the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia and other online resources, has filed a lawsuit against the NSA and the DOJ over the NSA’s mass surveillance program. Their intention is to…