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Playcrafting Spring Play 2017 100x100

Playcrafting Spring Play Expo Is Happening April 27

Playcrafting’s Spring Play Expo will be taking place on April 27, 2017 at the Microsoft Building at 11 Times Square in Manhattan. Playcrafting is an organization dedicated to bringing game development…

Sumer Gameplay Steam 100x100

Studio Wumpus Launches Sumer On Early Access Today

Sumer, the board game/platformer hybrid developed by Studio Wumpus (and previewed by TechRaptor), is releasing on Steam Early Access on February 15th, 2017. Sumer is a game that combines elements of…

Sumer 100x100

Sumer Preview – Tribute to the Gods

If you’ve got some friends over and you want to all play a video game together, there’s an awful lot of multiplayer titles to choose from. Many of them have…

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Crowdfunding Spotlight – Sumer

In times long past, the gods were fickle beings that demanded tribute from their servants among man. Among the earliest known gods were those of the Sumerians, an ancient culture…

Sumer Geoffrey Suthers 100x100

Sumer – A Chat With Geoffrey Suthers of Studio Wumpus

One of the projects I was most excited to see at Playcrafting’s Fall Expo was Sumer by Studio Wumpus. I had the opportunity to talk with developer Geoffrey Suthers about his interesting digital…