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Crossbar RRAM Photo

Crossbar Working on Postage Stamp-Sized Terabyte SSDs

Packing a terabyte of blazing-fast solid state storage into a form factor the size of a postage stamp sounds like the work of (incredibly nerdy) science-fiction, but Crossbar, a Santa…

Dropbox Art

Dropbox bug trashes users’ files

Dropbox has confirmed that a bug with it’s Selective Sync feature has deleted some of its user’s files. The feature, which limits cloud syncing by downloading selected folders to a local server, has been…

Drive Storage Increased

Google Drive size increased by sharing space

Last year, when Google Drive was unveiled by Google as an alternative solution to SkyDrive(7 GB free), Dropbox(2 GB, up to 16 GB free with referrals), and various other online…


Solid State or Hard Drive disk?

Maybe you’re building a new computer, upgrading one, or just curious about which is better. Obviously, if you are looking for more speed, Solid State (SSD) is the best way…