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Illinois Law Mandates Warrants For Stingray Use

Illinois will soon require that police obtain a warrant before using cell-site simulators. Under a law signed by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, police now have to demonstrate probable cause to obtain…

Digital Law

Federal Judge Suppresses Stingray Evidence Obtained Without Warrant

District Judge William Pauley in Manhattan has suppressed evidence collected by the use of stingrays because the agency did not first obtain a warrant. This is the first time a federal…


ACLU Launches #TakeCTRL Initiative

Disclosure: Author has donated to the ACLU in the past. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has launched what they call #TakeCTRL, an initiative to work with lawmakers in various…

US Marshals seal

EFF Lodges FOIA Suit Over Secret Use of Stingrays

Last year the Wall Street Journal broke the story that the U.S. Marshals were using Stingrays to monitor thousands of mobile phones. Stingrays are planes equipped with devices that mimic…