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Steam Workshop Articles

Okami HD DOTA 2 Courier

Capcom Adds Amaterasu Courier To Dota 2 Steam Workshop

Capcom has uploaded an interesting item to the Steam workshop – the main character from Okami HD has been submitted as the Amaterasu courier for Dota 2 as reported by PC Games N.…

Pokemon Evolved ARK Mod

Catch Pokémon in ARK as Pokémon Evolved Mod Returns [Corrected]

Correction: We originally noted that the mod in question was ARKMon and had several mistaken facts included regarding it. We have corrected these below and in the title. Earlier this…

Saints Row 4 Boss Kicking Back

Saints Row IV Releases Steam Workshop Support

Saints Row IV has released Steam Workshop support according to an announcement on the game’s Steam Community page. Saints Row IV was not originally designed for modding capability. Modders nonetheless found ways…


CS:GO Map Emulates Oregon Standoff

Following a tradition of emulating real-life locales and current events in a more bullet-centric format, Counter Strike: Global Offensive mapper Nipper has recreated the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, scene of the recent controversial…

Warframe Steam Workshop featured image

Warframe Now Has Its Own Steam Workshop

Digital Extremes has just announced a new feature for their game Warframe, namely a dedicated Steam Workshop called “TennoGen.” In it, users will be able to submit their creations for the…