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Valve Removes Steam Machines Section From Steam

Two years following their release, Valve has removed the section for Steam Machines from its digital distribution platform. Originally planned as a way of competing against consoles, Valve joined with the…


Alienware Steam Machine Core i5 Model is Now Only $375

Valve’s attempts with the Steam Machine platform has seen mixed results. Often the cheapest units are in the $500 range where their capabilities are questionable at best. And on the flip side, higher-end Steam…

Valve Music Movies and TV Will Be Launched on SteamOS 417396 2

Steam may offer movies, music, and more

The digital games giant Steam may be looking at added functionality for its upcoming living room devices.

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Steam Machines and Steam Controller Delayed to 2015

Valve announced in an update on their “Steam Universe” group on Steam, that they will not likely hit their intended 2014 window for their Steam Machines and Steam Controller. This…

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iBuyPower Steam Machine announced

When the rumors started to appear that Valve was working on its own form factor computer, which would be aimed at the console market, I was quite shocked but excited…