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[Updated] Warning: Steam has a Maliciously Used Profile Exploit

[UPDATE] An update from the same user, just 7 hours after the original post, has now confirmed that the issue has been resolved and posted full details of the exploit. Viewing profile…

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New Steam client update detailed. FPS counter added to overlay

The latest beta version of the Steam client is out today and comes with many good little tweaks and a very anticipated new feature. This version of the Steam beta introduces a FPS counter…


Steam Requiring Disclosure for Sponsored Recommendations Within the new Curator System

Today Valve has changed their policy regarding the usage of the Steam Curator system, which you can find here. The new policy states: If you’ve accepted money or other compensation…


Steam update adds ability to install multiple games at once.

Now here’s something that has been a long time coming; especially for people that have a long steam backlog like me! Don’t you love it when a Steam update is…