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humble monthly cover

Humble Bundle’s Monthly August Bundle Games Revealed

It’s the first Friday of the month, so Humble Bundle’s monthly bundle has been released! This month includes some Call of Duty, some party games, a bit of vampire hunting,…

Starward Rogue

Starward Rogue Video Review: Disembodied Head In A Mech

For the price of £8.99 or $11.99 for you Americans, Starward Rogue can be yours. However, why exactly would you want to own this game? To answer that question, you’ll…

Starward Rogue Arcen

Arcen Games Facing Layoffs in Wake of Poor Game Launch

Starward Rogue is a roguelite bullet-hell shooter from indie studio Arcen Games with 157 positive reviews out of 158 on its Steam page at the time of this writing. Released…