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Stairs Review – No Jumpscares, Pure Horror

One of the best aspects of a horror game is atmosphere. A successful horror game is one in which the elements within create a scary experience all their own, without…

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Stairs Preview – Classic Atmospheric Horror

Recently backed for release on Steam Greenlight, Stairs, a horror game by Greylight Entertainment aims to bring back the classic atmospheric horror genre. With the huge success of the Five…

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Indie Interview – Nils Ryborg of Stairs

A lot of great stuff is coming out of the indie gaming scene at the moment and Stairs is no exception. The atmospheric, horror title is on KickStarter currently and…

This Week In Kickstarter

This Week In Kickstarter – Week of 2/9

This Week In Kickstarter we’ve got a slew of projects sure to make you open your purses and throw your wallets. A horror game were your character slowly descends into madness, a…