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Spying Articles

US Senate Building

Senator Wyden Places Hold on Surveillance Bill

The Senate was seeking unanimous consent to quickly move forward with a vote on a bill that would expand FBI surveillance power. Senator Ron Wyden has voted against the proposal,…

NSA Secret Memo

The Secret NSA Memo That Allows For Mass Spying Is Set To Be Revealed.

The Electronic Frontiers Foundation has won its four year legal battle to secure the release of a secret legal interpretation of section 215 of the Patriot act. The secret Memo,…

Android apps that spy

Your android apps might be spying on you much more than you know.

A newly published study has found that some popular apps, including games aimed at kids, have access to an unusual amount and variety of data about their users. The website…

icloud0 e1413839714821

iCloud allegedly attacked by the Chinese state.

The cloud revolution was announced, then it came, and according to some people, it is long behind us. Not because it failed or course, but because it was so successful.…

TechWeek Featured

TechWeek Chicago 2014 – A talk with Christian Dawson about how the NSA spying will affect the Tech Industry

As a strong proponent of Internet privacy, security, and freedom – what the NSA is doing with backdoors in hardware and software, in addition to spying on the American people…