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Troll and I Review – I Feel Trolled

Some may remember the time of mid-tier games, games that weren’t indie but had bigger budgets and tried some unique ideas. We haven’t seen many of those lately, but Troll…

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Troll and I

Troll and I sees a boy named Otto on the run from a shadowy organization, teaming up with a mythical troll to try to stop them.

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Troll and I Coming to Consoles and PC Early Next Year

I’m always in the mood for something new, and it’s nice seeing a publisher who mostly focuses on mid-sized projects over big AAA games. Publisher Maximum Games announced Troll and…

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E3 2016 – Maximum Games Announces The Golf Club 2, Troll & I

Many publishers and developers use E3 to announce new games, and publisher Maximum Games is no different. At E3 this year, they announced two new games: The Golf Club 2…