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Predicting E3 2015 – Nintendo

Nintendo has always been one of the most impressive presenters at E3, though it’s not too hard for the gaming giant to leave their mark at the expo. Don’t let…

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What I want from Far Cry 4

The recent announcement of Far Cry 4, combined with the little information we know about it, makes this the perfect time to talk about what I would want to see…

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Dark Souls Director now President of From Software

Hidetaka Miyazaki has recently been named president of From Software (developers of the Souls games). Miyazaki was the director on critically acclaimed titles Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls (the latter…


Survivor 2299 – Could it be Fallout 4?

I’m sure all you die hard FO fans out there have checked out the new website over the past week. For those who haven’t, the general buzz is around…