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Immortal Planet Review Title

Immortal Planet

RONIN creator Tomasz Waclawek returns under the moniker teedoubleuGAMES with the Souls-like ARPG Immortal Planet. Mechanics both familiar and new mesh together in this top-down take on the emerging genre. Players take…

Immortal Planet Review Header 1

Immortal Planet Review – Romancing the Souls

As the term Souls-like has made the transition from journalistic buzzword to legitimate genre, we’re seeing more and more examples of developers that namecheck From Software’s series to convey what…

Immortal Unchained

Immortal: Unchained a “Third-Person RPG Souls-Like Shooter” Announced

Toadman Interactive recently announced Immortal: Unchained, a third-person RPG shooter set in a futuristic fantasy world with gameplay mechanics inspired by the Souls-like genre. On the PlayStation Blog, Game Designer…

Salt and Sanctuary Title

Salt and Sanctuary Now Available on Steam

Salt and Sanctuary originally launched on March 15th of this year on PlayStation 4 as a part of PlayStation’s Launch Party program. As part of that program, Salt and Sanctuary…