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sony e3 Articles

God of War Header

PlayStation E3 2017 – God of War Coming Early 2018

Sony’s E3 conference was a constant stream of trailers and of course this included a trailer for the next God of War giving an early 2018 release window for the game.…

Shadow of the Colossus Header

PlayStation E3 2017 – Shadow of the Colossus Coming in 2018

Sony’s conference hit a high note with the announcement of a Shadow of the Colossus remaster coming from Japan Studio and Bluepoint games in 2018. The announcement came in the form…

Spiderman PS4 Preview

[Updated] Sony E3 2016 – Spiderman

Sony revealed a new Spiderman game developed by Insomniac Games, which will be available for the Playstation 4. The new Spiderman comes with an all new suit. Insomniac says they have worked…

Resident Evil VII

[Updated] Sony E3 2016 – Resident Evil: Biohazard

Sony unveiled Resident Evil: Biohazard at their E3 Press Conference. Biohazard is the original name for Resident Evil in Japan. The name was changed when it was first imported in 1996. The new game appears…

PS4 Console mini

Sony E3 2013 Recap

Introducing Playstation 4 Sony PS Vita Showings More than 86 games will be released for PS Vita by the end of this year. Final Fantasy X/X-2, Flower, and more will…