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Didgery Heading

Didgery Review – Spiritual Solitare

Didgery is the definition of a casual puzzle game in many ways. It’s relatively simple, only has two gameplay modes, features no graphical flairs to speak of, and can be…

Star Trek Frontiers Header

Star Trek: Frontiers Review: Mage-lite

Mage Knight is one of my favorite board games of all time and is widely regarded as one of the best board games ever. I tend to avoid directly comparing…

Cruel Necessity Header

Cruel Necessity Review – Trust in God, and Keep Your Dice Dry

The concept of solitaire board gaming is strange to a lot of people and was strange to me at first too. Board games stand out from other forms of entertainment…

your ship is destroyed

Free Trader Review — Space Failure Simulator

This new entry to the Android and iOS markets is a digital version of what’s been described to us as a Pen and Paper solitaire game. I’m not sure any…