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Afghanistan ’11 Preview – Nation Building the Hard Way

Close on the heels of their success with Vietnam ’65, developers Every Single Soldier and Retro Epic are now close to releasing Afghanistan ’11. As with Vietnam, the central objective…

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[UPDATED] Slitherine Announces Afghanistan ’11 For Early 2017

[UPDATE] Slitherine has announced a date of March 23rd for releasing Afghanistan ’11.  With Vietnam ’65, developer Every Single Soldier earned its stripes by simulating operational-level warfare in the jungle,…

Empires Apart

Empires Apart Coming To PC in 2017

Empires Apart is the latest in the long line of modern RTS games that will attempt to bring back the golden age of the RTS, taking direct inspiration from classic titles…

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Polaris Sector Review – Rough-Edged Fun

With Polaris Sector, Slitherine and developer SoftWarWare are out to make their mark in the 4X genre – eXplore, eXpatriate, eXsanguinate, eXcommunicate. Or something like that. More seriously, the large…


Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged Review

Everyone thought it was over.  The Soviets were talking German reunification.  Their armies seemed to be withdrawing from the borders.  Tensions relaxed.  After decades under the threat of potential nuclear…

Legions of Steel Header

Legions of Steel Review – Tactics, Basically

Legions of Steel, published by Slitherine and developed by Studio Nyx, is a digital recreation of the tactical board game of the same name that was released originally in 1992…