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Microsoft is Cutting Certain Services From Standalone Versions Of Microsoft Office

Services such as OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business will be cut from the standalone versions of Microsoft Office as reported by PCWorld. The change is planned to take…

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Belgian Court Fines Skype for Not Intercepting Communications

The Belgian newspaper Het Belang van Limburg has reported that Skype has been fined €30,000, or about $33,000, for not intercepting the communications of its users. In 2012, the company…

Skype Qik

New app from Skype called Skype Qik

A new way to video message has been released by popular video chat service Skype. This past week Skype announced that their app Skype Qik will enable people to message…

MSN Messenger

Rest In Peace: MSN Messenger

Windows Live Messenger formerly (and better known as) MSN Messenger will have its final plugged pulled on October 31st, 2014. To most people MSN Messenger already died March 15th 2013…