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Gravity Rush 2 4

Gravity Rush 2 Online Shutdown Delayed Until July

In a surprise announcement, an in-game message reveals that the planned Gravity Rush 2 online mode shutdown has been moved to July. The announcement of the original shutdown came as a surprise…

Gravity Rush 2 4

Gravity Rush 2 Online Mode Shutting Down

While 2017 has been a great year for gaming with many fantastic releases, not all of them are going to do as well as one would hope. Gravity Rush 2…

the last guardian

The Last Guardian Price Reduced to $39.99

The Last Guardian, the long-awaited action-adventure game by SIE Japan Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment, has seen its price reduced to $39.99 as reported by PlayStation Lifestyle. Featuring a combination…

Gravity Rush 2 4

Gravity Rush 2 Review – Upside Down and Inside Out

When the PlayStation Vita launched in 2012, it had a couple of solid games in its launch window. The most notable of the bunch was Gravity Rush, a unique title…

2016 10 06

Gravity Rush 2 Delayed to January

Some games are delayed because they need more time to be finished. Other games are delayed because something broke at the last minute. Gravity Rush 2 is not being delayed…

KnackPreOrder FeaturedImage

Knack Review

Knack was the very first PS4 game announced way back in February 2013 at the Playstation 4 announcement event and the reaction was that many people were somewhat underwhelmed. Many…