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psyvariar delta

Frantic Shooter Psyvariar Delta Coming This Summer For Switch, PS4

Classic vertically-scrolling shooter Psyvariar has been given a release window in Western territories for Nintendo Switch and PS4. Retitled Psyvariar Delta and boasting new modes and features, the game will be coming to…

steredenn binary stars

Steredenn’s Binary Stars Expansion is Free on Steam

The headbangin’ procedural space shooter Steredenn is a heck of a good time. Readers of Coverage Club already know this, but it’s worth repeating. Especial since developer Pixelnest Studio has released a massive…

steredenn status insane coverage club header

Coverage Club: Insane in the Fast Lane

Welcome to Coverage Club, our regular series where we shift our critical eye towards smaller games that deserve some attention. Each week, our review editors select two titles and provide…

X Morph Defense Review Header

X-Morph: Defense Review – There Goes the Neighborhood

I remember being entranced at a young age by building destruction animations in early RTS titles. Red Alert 2 included buildings exploding and falling apart in realistic detail, from your…

Raiden V Directors Cut Review Header

Raiden V: Director’s Cut Review – Thunder and Lightning

The Raiden series have been one of the shmup genre’s most well-known franchises since the series started over 25 years ago. Admittedly, I’ve never really been that in to that…

Let Them Come Review Header

Let Them Come Review – Spray and Prey

Your average video game player is accustomed to the one man army protagonist. A stoic super soldier space marine taking on an entire race of alien scum with just the…

Nex Machina Review Header

Nex Machina Review – Power Hour

Housemarque has made a bit of a name for themselves. While their biggest game is probably PlayStation 4 launch title Resogun, they were also well known for their twin stick…


Lil Tanks – Quick Thoughts

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. Aliens are looking for a new homeworld after sapping their planet dry. The only solution to their problem? Earth!  The Cuur are…

Dimension Drive 3

Dimension Drive Preview – Double the SHMUP, Double the Fun

SHMUPs are one of the oldest video game genres, which means that new games in this space really need something to stick out from the crowd. Dimension Drive had the…

wgr3png 485415

Wild Guns: Reloaded

A sequel to the classic arcade shooter Wild Guns: Reloaded adds new stages, enemies, characters, weapons, and bosses to the cowboy steampunk shoot-em-up.