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Shining Resonance Re:frain May Come to the West

Australia’s Classification Board recently published a rating for Shining Resonance Re:frain, suggesting a Western release. The rating, which was noted by Dualshockers, among other outlets, awards a “Mature 15+” classification to Shining Resonance…

Raptor 6 SEGA

Top 6 IPs Sega Should Revive

With Sega’s talk of its Road to 2020 involving awakening dormant IPs, the obvious question to ask is, what IPs does Sega have? And from those which qualify as “major…


Shining Force: A 90s Classic 25 Years Later

On March 20th, 1992, SEGA “second party” developer Camelot released Shining Force on the SEGA MegaDrive. While the game was a sequel to their previous title, Shining in the Darkness, it represented a…

BundleStars SEGA Genesis Steam

Bundle Stars SEGA Genesis Pick and Mix Bundle

Bundle Stars,a website that offers frequent deals on Steam games based on genre or series, is offering a week long deal on select titles from the classic SEGA Genesis console.…