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Shiness Articles

Shiness The The Lightning Kingdom Launch 2

Action RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Now Available, Check Out The Launch Trailer

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is a game that has been 20 years in the making – conceptualized and brought to life through the writing of Samir Rebib, Enigami’s Creative Director.…

Shiness Characters

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Releases Overview Trailer, Coming Soon

Action-RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, from the Indie studio Enigami, sheds light on the depth of the game’s gameplay and shows us more details and imagery of the unique universe in a brand new video…

Shiness The Lightning Kingdom

Action RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom To Release Before End of Q1

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, a new Action RPG game that features a fighting-style combat system, has had a new update posted on their Facebook Page – offering new details about…

Shiness The Lightning Kingdom

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Gets New Gameplay Details

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is a unique new Action RPG that’s currently slated to release in 2016, in which players will adventure through the colorful world of Mahera with their team of five original…


Gamescom 2015 – Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Gamescom Trailer

A new RPG from French indie studio Enigami has shown off a trailer for their new game called Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. Shiness was successfully funded on Kickstarter on June 9th…