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Shigeru Miyamoto Articles

Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle On Stage

Ubisoft E3 2017 – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Ubisoft’s E3 presentation began with a pair of raving Rabbids bashing on a question block from the Super Mario franchise. Yves Guillemot, Co-founder & CEO of Ubisoft took to the stage to announce…

Miyamoto Project Giant Robot

Nintendo Cans Project Giant Robot; Wii U Production Ceases

Nintendo has officially canceled Project Giant Robot. The game, which never had an official title, was first revealed for the Wii U back at E3 2014, as part of a…

star fox zero logo

Star Fox Zero Delayed to 2016

Star Fox Zero, the next in the Star Fox series that has not seen a new release since 2006, was meant to release in November of this year. Today, Shigeru…


Nintendo will focus more on the NFC capabilities of the Wii U, Miyamoto says

One of the core features of the Wii U, are the the potentialities of asymmetric play granted by the console’s secondary screen. Nintendo focused its efforts to valorize that feature during the launch…

Star Fox Logo

Star Fox for Wii U announced and early details

Star Fox for the Wii U was something fans have been waiting for for 8 years now. With a joking reference to it at the start of Nintendo’s E3 press…