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Great Weekend Deals From Gamesplanet XCOM 2, Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 2, And More

Gamesplanet Weekend Deals – Up To 78% Off Bayonetta, Shenmue, And More

Come with me as we embark on a magical journey to the Gamesplanet. Here, games roam freely among the alien forests and frolic, uncaring, through the mud. Yes, it’s time…

shenmue i ii remaster plans

Shenmue Full Remake Plans Revealed, Scrapped Before HD Remasters

Sega re-released Shenmue I & II HD back in August, but according to a new video published by Digital Foundry, it seems that there were initial plans to fully remaster both games.…

Okami HD Header

Video Game Releases August 2018: We Happy Doggos

The summer drought is here, but luckily there are still enough big hitters on display this August to satisfy your gaming appetite. It’s a big month for ports as usual…