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Shenmue 3

[Rumor] Shenmue HD Collection Heading to PS4 and Xbox One

Several retailers from Europe have possibly leaked a Shenmue HD Collection for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, adding fire to the rumors that SEGA will launch these remasters before Shenmue…

Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 Won’t Compete Against Other Open-World Games

The current-generation of consoles is currently filled with huge sprawling open-world games, but the developers behind Shenmue 3 said its game won’t directly compete against those titles. Aside from being…


SEGA say they are investigating Shenmue 1 and 2 HD

With the successful Kickstarter for a Shenmue 3, a lot of people have been asking for the original games to be released on current systems. Sega Europe community manager Dan Sheridan recently,…

Shenmue 3 cover

Shenmue 3 Continues Crowd Funding

Shenmue 3 is back on the crowd funding market. After the vastly successful kickstarter campaign that netted over $6 million dollars from 69,000 backers, developer Ys Net is still looking…

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Sony E3 2015 – Shenmue 3

The long awaited next installment in the Shenmue franchise, Shenmue 3, was announced for Kickstarter during Sony’s E3 press conference. This is going to be a direct sequel to Shenmue…