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SOS Super Nintendo Boxartwork

Gaming Obscura – SOS

In 1997, the movie Titanic was a cultural phenomenon, raking in massive box office numbers, record breaking award nominations, and shedding light on one of the more tragic moments in…

TechRaptor Featured 1

Highlighting TechRaptor’s Series

Due to our own failings, there may be a large portion of our readers who are unaware of some of our series we have here on TechRaptor. They range from…

Game Changers Pokémon Series

Game Changers: Pokémon

With the Pokémon franchise celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, it seems fitting to come look back at the driving forces behind the games. The Pokémon franchise is the bestselling RPG in…

Heroes of Might and Magic Playing Roles Header

Playing Roles: A Heroes of Might and Magic Retrospective

In the wake of discussing tactical role-playing games, I would be remiss if we didn’t mention one more cousin to the genre: the Heroes of Might and Magic series. A…


TechRaptor Guide: How To Get Started With Gaming On Linux pt. 3 – Linux Gaming (and other software!)

Getting Started With Gaming On Linux is an ongoing series that we will be publishing as a guide for individuals that may be interested in getting on-board with Valve’s push…