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Tadpole Treble Thumbnail

Scouting Party – Tadpole Treble

Rhythm games have been around for almost as long as home consoles have been. From PaRappa the Rapper on the original PlayStation to plugging in a fake (or sometimes real)…

Demon Truck Thumbnail

Scouting Party – Demon Truck

Demon Truck is a top down bullet hell title where your simple aim is to have your truck survive for as long as possible. Developed by Triger Mountain and published…

chromagun TRSP

Scouting Party – ChromaGun

Portal-likes are a dime a dozen on Steam, but the genre’s puzzle roots have most every copycat relying on a unique hook. Whether this is magnets or weight, AI or Cthulhu, there…

Subaeria SP small

Scouting Party – Subaeria

Welcome to the new Scouting Party! In an effort to give our audience the best possible coverage of games, select Scouting Party videos will now be accompanied by a written…