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science fiction Articles

syndrome cover

Syndrome Review – Artificial Unintelligence

Science fiction settings and horror usually go well together. The future is an uncertain place, full of promise and hope but also full of terrifying recklessness where even (and often especially)…

Breached Banner

Breached Review – Short, Sweet, and Shallow

I’m not entirely sure how to feel about Breached, developed by Drama Drifters for Nkidu Games. On the one hand, it’s a polished and enjoyable experience. You’ve just been awakened from cryosleep, trapped…

stellaris cover

Pre-Order Stellaris to Shoot Your Name Into Space

Pre-orders are a hotly contested topic. Some find no harm in them at all, while others seem to see them as cheap gimmicks to draw in early buyers before the…

Robinson The Journey logo

Crytek announces Robinson: The Journey, a virtual reality IP

Owners of the Oculus Rift won’t be able to find plumber-sorority girl romances next to Frozen tie-ins in the device’s app store, but they may be able to indulge in…


Your Destiny is now, for either generation

It will be comforting for many fans hanging out for the new next-gen monster Destiny, to know that as of the 5th of September  any purchase of it for the…

The Mandate Game

Games to Watch: The Mandate – “One Rule, No Quarter” [Interview][Updated]

Kickstarter has become a great place for developers to get funding for games that might not otherwise be possible to complete, and because of its existence, we’ve seen great games…