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Electricity Master Lab Review: Time to Get Serious

The Electricity and Magnetism (E&M) kit from Thames and Kosmos took me pleasantly by surprise last year. The kit was educational, not only for my 9 year old son, but…

video games and aggression

APA Says Link Between Aggression and Video Games Still Stands

Long have gamers had to hear about the purported link between video games and violence, and one of the organizations that has long been used as a source supporting that…


Scientific Method and Video Game “Studies”

Video games are certainly a fascinating subject aren’t they? As a relatively new phenomenon, they have become the interest of many scientists and researchers. Why not? Video games not only…

video games and aggression

Study Shows High Skill Gamers Less Aggressive, Perceive Less Violence

A recent study from Indiana University delved back into the link between video games, hostility and aggression. This time, however, with a focus not on the content of video games,…