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Scam Articles

Nintendo Switch Mario Amiibo TV

FTC Warn Consumers Away From Nintendo Switch Emulator Scams

Due to recent ads appearing on websites around the internet for the past couple of weeks today the FTC released a statement on their blog highlighting this practice as a…

Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO lotto scandal

CSGO Lounge Seeking Gambling License for Future

On July 20, 2016, Valve sent cease and desist letters to a number of Counter Strike: Global Offensive skin lottery websites. These websites, which include but are not limited to…

Battlefield 1 Preview

PSA: Battlefield 1 Beta Phishing Attempt

A phishing attempt is making its rounds through the gaming community posing as a sign up for the Battlefield 1 beta. First brought to our attention by a post on Reddit…


PSA: FleetCOMM Only Releases With Tutorial Levels and Negative Reviews

Ever since Steam has opened up the gates to a lot of smaller developers, there have been some good smaller games that have popped up on Steam. Games like Tallowmere,…

Journey Of The Light

Steam Offers Unconditional Refunds For Journey Of The Light Amidst Possible Scam

Journey of the Light claims to be one of the hardest puzzles on Steam, but the real puzzle has left buyers asking where the game is. The description for the game…

Sony Logo

Sony Makes Suspicious Claims About Micro SDXC Cards

Sony recently announced a new line of 64 GB Micro SDXC cards which promise to reduce electrical noise affecting the analog audio output. These “Premium Sound” cards cost $160, which…