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Fortnite Delays Full Launch and Free To Play Save The World Mode

It’s easy to forget that Fortnite actually has a game mode that isn’t Battle Royale. The game started out as a survival coop zombie tower defence experience in 2017, titled…

Fortnite Chests

Fortnite Sending out Compensation For Lost Loot Due To Bug

Fortnite will be compensating players affected by a loot chest bug that resulted in them not receiving the correct rewards after missions according to an announcement on the game’s subreddit.…

Fortnite Storm Shield Assembling

Improved Hero Progression Headlines Fortnite Save the World’s Future

The developers of¬†Fortnite have outlined the future of the¬†Save The World PvE game mode in a news post on the game’s official website. Fortnite currently has two core gameplay modes:…