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satisfactory building drone mountain

Satisfactory Interview – Oscar Jilsén, Orbital Elevators, And The Nitty Gritty

Satisfactory is the latest game under development from Coffee Stain Studios, the same people behind the classic meme-fest game Goat Simulator. The game itself certainly looks interesting—fans of titles like Factorio surely…

satisfactory pc gaming show e3 2018

PC Gaming Show E3 2018: Satisfactory

The PC Gaming Show for E3 2018 with Sean “Day[9]” Plott and Frankie Ward introducing themselves. We got right into it with Coffee Stain Studios’ Satisfactory. Satisfactory opened up with a…


Goat Simulator Devs Coffee Stain Tease New Project “Satisfactory”

Swedish developers Coffee Stain Studios have teased a new project, named Satisfactory, via a teaser trailer. The trailer depicts a lush natural world with alien vegetation, in which a creature strongly…