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Video Game Releases for February 2019: All The Games

With some big hitters coming out in January, February seems to be keeping up the pace with even more huge titles coming up for grabs. With so many big releases…

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Soulmates – How The Souls-Like Genre Has Changed Combat In Gaming

When a game becomes successful, pretenders inevitably follow. Such was the case for 2011’s Dark Souls, which was received rapturously by critics and audiences alike and instantly became a celebrated cult…

2016 09 19

Salt And Sanctuary Slashes Its Way To Nintendo Switch August 2nd

2D hack-and-slash platformer Salt and Sanctuary is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 2nd. The game, which is currently available on PS4, PC and PS Vita, will be released for Nintendo’s hybrid…


Salt and Sanctuary Review – Born of Souls

I’ve been reviewing Salt and Sanctuary for the Playstation Vita for a while. Those who read my First Impressions will know that I stopped playing for about a month because of bugs and…

2017 05 11

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile and Charlie Murder Heading to Steam Tomorrow

SKA Studios has announced that two of their Xbox 360 titles, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile and Charlie Murder will be heading to Steam. The best part is that you don’t…


Salt and Sanctuary Vita Impressions – Boss Beat em Up

With Salt and Sanctuary’s initial release for Playstation 4 coming last year, when playing through the latest port of the game on Playstation Vita I wanted to skip first impressions and head…


Salt and Sanctuary Comes To PS Vita March 28th

Few games wear their inspirations quite so openly as Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios punishing 2D action RPG which proclaims proudly that it is a loving tribute to From Software’s…

Indie Interview Ska Studios

Indie Interview: Ska Studios

While I was at PAX West, I stopped at the Ska Studios booth at the end of the day to chat with James and Michelle about Salt and Sanctuary, their…

2016 09 19

Salt and Sanctuary

A 2D take on the Souls game, Salt and Sanctuary features an open map to explore and various enemies to fight.

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Salt and Sanctuary Now Available on Steam

Salt and Sanctuary originally launched on March 15th of this year on PlayStation 4 as a part of PlayStation’s Launch Party program. As part of that program, Salt and Sanctuary…