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RWBY: Combat Ready Developer Interview

For those who aren’t familiar with Rooster Teeth’s popular show RWBY, it’s basically about teenaged kids fighting terrifying fairy tale-esque monsters and oh yeah, the human antagonists who are bent…

RWBY Grimm Eclipse

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Leaves Early Access July 5th

The 4-player co-op hack and slash game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse will be leaving Early Access on Tuesday, July 5th according to an announcement on the game’s Steam Community page. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is…


RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Rises Onto Steam

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse has recently passed through Steam Greenlight and entered early access. Developed in-house by creator and longtime internet media company Rooster Teeth, of Red Vs Blue fame, RWBY…