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Rooster Teeth Games, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, and Publishing with Michael Hadwin

Last week TechRaptor had a chance to talk with Michael Hadwin, the Director of Games, Publishing, and Development at Rooster Teeth. Rooster Teeth is a company that many will know from…

Rooster Teeth Games Battlesloths 2025

Rooster Teeth Branching Into Game Publishing with Battlesloths 2025

Yesterday, Rooster Teeth, the company behind Red Vs. Blue, announced that it would be branching out into the realm of video game publishing. Rooster Teeth has already developed and published…

RWBY Grimm Eclipse

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Leaves Early Access July 5th

The 4-player co-op hack and slash game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse will be leaving Early Access on Tuesday, July 5th according to an announcement on the game’s Steam Community page. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is…


RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Preview – Time to Break Out The Combat Skirt!

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse has hit Steam Early Access and while it does show signs of a game still in development, it is a fun game to play on your own or…