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Humble Bundle Puts Out Devolver Bundle

Humble Bundle has put out a new bundle this week, focusing on independent games publisher Devolver Digital. This week’s Humble Bundle offers 8 games along with a coupon, and promises…

Ronin Title Screen

Ronin Review – Killing Baddies One Turn at a Time

A few weeks ago, I wrote a preview of the game Ronin, developed by Tomasz Waclawek and published by Devolver Digital. The game is a turn-based stealth action platformer where the player…

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Ronin Preview – 2D Turnbased Hack and Slash Awesomeness

Devolver Digital, the publishers of Hotline Miami and the recent Titan Souls, are now publishing a new indie title by the name of Ronin. Developed by Tomasz Wacławek, Ronin has…

E3 2015 SONY

Recap: Sony E3 2015 Conference

Sony started the show with a montage of both first and third party games showing on their curved stage screen. Shawn Layden came out to speak of the PlayStation 4’s…