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US Senate Building

Senator Wyden Places Hold on Surveillance Bill

The Senate was seeking unanimous consent to quickly move forward with a vote on a bill that would expand FBI surveillance power. Senator Ron Wyden has voted against the proposal,…

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Supreme Court Approves Rule Change to Broaden FBI Hacking

The Supreme Court has approved rule changes governing how federal courts handle criminal investigations. Judges were previously limited to authorizing searches within their own jurisdiction, usually just a few counties.…

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Senators Release Official Draft of Anti-Encryption Bill

For several months, Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein have been cooking up a bill to undermine strong encryption. Last week, journalists leaked a draft of the bill, which gave…

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Senator Wyden Argues in Favor of Strong Encryption

Speaking at RightsCon in San Francisco, Senator Ron Wyden gave a speech about the importance of strong encryption. He also laid out his plans to strengthen privacy protections. Early on…