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OlliOlli: Switch Stance Review – Skating Goofy

It isn’t Skate 3, but it might be better.

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Enlist in our Laser League Closed Beta Giveaway!

You’d think that video games would slow down in December, but it seems that 2017 is going to be an amazing year for video games until the ball drops. Why…

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Laser League Announced by Roll7 and 505 Games

As the E3 behemoth approaches, we are seeing developers and publishers trying to get ahead of the storm some to help give their game a few moments of sunshine before…

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OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition Coming to PS4 This Month

The OlliOlli franchise may still be young, but that isn’t stopping the development team Roll7 from releasing OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition, a PlayStation 4 exclusive retail copy that includes both the…

Not A Hero Deadly Ninja

Not A Hero Gets Playstation Release Date, PS Vita Version Cancelled

Indie shooter Not A Hero got a concrete release date for the Playstation 4! The game, made by Roll7 and published by Devolver Digital (Hotline Miami, Serious Sam), will be…

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Not A Hero Review – A Hero to us

This is an odd review for me – most of the time I review games in genres I play a lot of and am actually good at. By that I…


OlliOlli2 Gets a Release Date of March 3

Roll7, the creators of the hit side-scrolling skateboarding game OlliOlli have announced the release date for its sequel OlliOlli2 as March 3 in the US and March 4 in Europe.…